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I.  That the leading cause of death in America may be a very covert, massive assassination program (including:  the spread of carcinogenic chemicals such as agent orange; release of any and all nuclear radiation into the environment; the government conspiracy to spread deadly drugs (including crack cocaine, heroin, and LSD) into  cities and American society; the forced drugging of school children; contamination of food, air, water; vaccines; deliberate spread of biological weapons; use of remote electronic weaponry, such as microwaves and lasers to permanently debilitate individuals or groups; fatal "accidents" of all types; and untold other types of assassinations.

2.  That "character assassination" is yet another often used form of assassination that effectively ruins the victim's reputation and life to the point that the victim may become a pariah or social outcast.  It may be used in tandem with physical assassination, often destroying the well-being of family and friends.  It is the specialty of covert operatives, and may be used to ruin the credibility of an activist or to destroy a national leader.  Examples abound.  No one--preachers, teachers, saints, cherubs, or even Presidents--is immune. 

3.  That the continual, ongoing citizen harassment programs such as COINTELPRO, Organized "Gang" Stalking, police/military stalking and detainment are insidious forms of deniable assassination.  Operatives know that constant stress, frustration, anger, anxiety, dejection, depression, and withdrawal are not healthy, so they increase the harassment pressure on the victim with dozens of "small" stress factors each day.   These might include innumerable daily maneuvers by other drivers, phone calls from no one every few minutes, convoys of police cars and fire trucks in the most unlikely places, constant plumbing leaks, furnace shut-downs, or vehicle failures, never-ending infestations of vermin into one's house and yard, constant "zaps" from what is no doubt a directed energy weapon, or surveilling and obstructing one's movements and communications.  With each harassing episode, the victim grows angrier and angrier.  In the book entitled, Anger Kills, Drs. Redford and Virginia Williams mention that anger not only precipitates stress, but it creates hostility which usually causes withdrawal, more stress, and health problems.  Operatives know that over time, multiple health problems lead to death.  "Their" slow kill tactics are a very effective means of deniable, assassination.

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