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The Real Pandemic?

     I met a lady on vacation who was reading a novel that she thought had been rescripted for the year 2020.  (The novel, Pandemic, by Tom Ardies, was written in 1973, almost fifty years ago.)

     I asked if I could thumb through the book for a few minutes.

     "NO!" she said.  "You might get germs on it."  But she laughed and handed the book to me.

     In about five minutes, I knew I didn't need to read the entire book, but I took a few mental notes.

     It seems the antagonists (the bad guys) were from a U. S. institute or think tank filled with "overeducated idiots," who maybe wanted fast depop to save the planet.

     Something sounded too familiar.  Sickeningly familiar.

     Kill off everybody but a chosen few.

    Chosen few?  Chosen few?  I could not recall where I had heard that line.  On another page, the "chosen few" designation changed to "select group."

     SELECT GROUP or CHOSEN FEW  in this (novel)  meant one million survivors to start up a whole new world for mankind.

     I handed the book back to the lady, saying to her, "Yes, it could have been written just a few months ago if the references to Phyllis Diller, Rock Hudson, and Tiny Tim were updated.

                                                  --From Chapter 84, GLOBAL THUGGERY 

       "O My Prophetic Soul"

     "O my prophetic soul," groaned the Lord Hamlet upon hearing the chilling and ghastly details of his father's murder by his father's brother.  Hamlet had no doubt long known--or at least strongly suspected that his uncle had murdered his father.

     Most of us have suspected, quietly and without proof, something that does not coincide with society's or the main stream media's official narrative.

    Hamlet suspected foul play--very foul play.  Eventually, such foulness will sink a society, a government, or a nation.

     Many things in life relate well to to Hamlet, but the first sentence above relates my reaction to the Newsweek article by William M. Arkin:  "Inside the Military's Secret Undercover Army."  It is an army of 60,000, making it the largest undercover army the world has ever known.  It is composed of ten times more clandestine types than those of the CIA, Arkin tells us in paragraph one.

     In short, upon reading this article, I did feel somewhat prophetic since from my earliest days of the more overt, but more intense organized "gang" stalking, I have continually theorized that those in several offices and agencies and whatever mercenary types "they"  used did not have enough manpower to carry out the levels of non-stop persecution, sabotage, and harassment that we have observed (and documented, thoroughly) over the past eight or nine years.  But just think what 60,000 additional manpower could accomplish.

     Make no mistake, a covert army of 60,000 is one of the most insidious moves this writer can imagine--not only for the unending interventions in Asia, Latin America, etc., but perhaps a danger to every American.

     The article is over thiry pages and quite readable.  I honestly hope it will be awarded a few Pulitzers, Nobels, and such.  Believe me when I say that I haven't praised an MSM piece

for a quarter of a century, but this one deserves it. 


  Repugnance and Loathing


​         Organized "Gang Stalking

     The "Dr. C" reader may recall from other articles that this writer knows about  HATRED! (Hereafter, this overused term will be referred to as the "H word," or "repugnance and loathing," i.e., "R & L")

     In 1950, my family moved from a no R & L environment to an idyllic, rather large town that could almost be a Boston suburb.  Deceptively calm and quaint during school hours, a new kid on the block would likely make 30 or 40 new friends on his first day, but by the end of the first week, the new kid would understand there was more R & L on that block than might be needed for a witch burning, a full double free-for-all, a torture mob--you name it.  The big war was over--officially, but a new one was only days away.

     Already, we had communism to hate, or . . .  dislike, but there was much more:  we could dislike the other kids' clothes--the style, the brand, the color, etc.  If you said you had some great wheat crunchies for breakfast, your new "friends" hated them as much as I hated their super sugar smacks.  If your dad drove a Hudson Hornet, they hated it, just as I hated the Fords and Pontiacs their fathers drove.

     It was everyday hatred:  keep looking and you could find something else to hate!  In fact, hatred developed into an art form:  contorted faces; screams; hand signs.  The kids might not be able to do their homework, but they could really hate guts and such.

     Several years late, the family made another move--this time to New Jersey.  "Oh, my," you're thinking.  Home for some world class R & L.

     Not so, I quickly discovered.  A dozen or so nationalities lived there, and most everyone seemed to LIKE each other.  To me, it was really weird at first.  But slowly, an observant student begins to notice subtleties:  teachers' faces reflecting raw fear when discussing the possible nuclear wars; teachers contemptuous about any country having more nuclear power than we might have; students all giving wide berth to the one Russian student in our school--one who displayed the prowess of a Russian weight lifter as he picked up a taunter and tossed the kid as if he were merely a book bag.

     Fear creates hate!   (An axiom from a smattering of psychology studies.)  Perhaps that's why we all hated the Russian kid, fearing he could destroy most every kid on the playground, just as our teachers feared and hated Russian and Chinese and Korean communists, who seemed hell-bent on killing every American.  At that time, it was as if fear pervaded the atmosphere, lurking in the shadows, looking for someone or some country to hate.  How else can there be more wars?  While WW II was considered a blessing in disguise; WW III could make trillions for the military industrial complex elites.  And, of course, some of the weaponry and tactics deployed overseas could be used on our own citizens!  All in the name of "fighting terror."  Who, then, are the real terrorists?




 by Dr. Corkin Cherubini,

Whistleblower, Now Ti

One More Whisper:  Please Wake UP!

     In 1994-95, Dr. Corkin Cherubini told much of the world media (New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, "60 Minutes," "Good Morning America," Atlanta Constitution, etc.) about illegal segregation still present in the United States.  Little did he know how dangerous such whistleblowing would become. 

     As a result, Dr. Cherubini experienced continual threats, isolation, work place mobbing, vandalism, stalking and surveillance, and evil tricks that culminated in a near house fire in 1996.  In his previous quarter century in that same area, Dr. Cherubini and his family had experienced little to NONE of such a nefarious, aggressive program.

     Subtle hints at the time suggested that Dr. Cherubini had disturbed a hornets' nest of residual "KKK" antipathy,  and he felt that was probably the case.  But by September of 2013, he realized how absurd to believe the "KKK" controlled law enforcement offices, emergency response vehicles, fire fighters, and other municipal entities, as well as a plethora of citizen stalkers from Florida to northern New England (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine).  Once the assault became increasingly overt, he knew that some covert entity far more powerful  and evil than the "KKK" had shattered his world of family, friends, and innocent acquaintances.  At that point he began to understand the danger almost two decades of covert tactics had posed for him and his family, none of whom had any idea what was really happening to them or why.

     By late November, after hours of perusing thousands of pages of literature--often in the form of testimony and documentation--he discovered that he is a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL (Ti) assaulted not by members of a "residual KKK," but  from  a government sponsored covert force with tentacles all over the world, but especially in America.

     KKK or Stasi-COINTELPRO type "Gang Stalking"?  The TACTICS and resultant ends may be practically the same, except that the new COINTELPRO type "Gang Stalking" appears to have a monstrously huge taxpayer supported budget, arsenals of the latest high tech weaponry, and iron-hand control of everything that moves in America and the world, according to Col. L. Fletcher Prouty in his book, The Secret Team.

     There are thousands of shocking (yet heroic) tragedies exposing Stasi/COINTELPRO type "Gang Stalking."  Dr. Cherubini's is just one of the many that has the power to expose the treachery lying beneath the surface of what we often assume to be an orderly, benign world.  He admits that his first book, Gang Stalking:  The Threat to Humanity, was written before he fully understood the roots or the ramifications of a program exponentially more powerful than its predecessors.  He reminds those still asleep, along with the ostriches and the sheep, that the most deadly tricks are invisible (covert).  Read, read, read.  Analyze.  Synthesize.  Then, take action--action which may be a poem, a volume, a speech, a documentary, a discussion point--whatever you do best, even if it is baking cookies for an anti-"gang stalking" meeting!  Your life and the life of every child in the world is worth your getting involved! 

     (One note:  sixty some doctors, not counting Dr. Rauni Kilde, have "died mysteriously."  Being a good model citizen does NOT seem to help anyone's chances.) 

Isolate; Exclude; Divide; Quarantine; Separate!

     There will never be perfect harmony in a society composed of a freethinking populace.  With most of this populace working toward ends that are fair, reasonable, and sensible, however, such a society can achieve miraculous progress.

     Leadership will be a pivotal factor, as will the media and the economic structure.

     Here in the U. S., many political scientists agree that our elected leaders are not only very poor leadership figureheads, but that their very elections may be in doubt as case after case of voter fraud in revealed.


     Who is really running things?  We don't really know, do we?

     Any guess we might make about who is leading us down a slipperyslope will involve some guesswork, of course.  This agency?  That bureau?  Such and such a department?  Again, we don't know.

​     Some researchers have spent much of their lives delving deeply into the problem.  They often conclude that a cabal of multi, multi billionaires and trillionaires are the true manipulators of what many term as our policestate.  or military-police state.

   Should we not be thoroughly investigating?  Why is our media not adequately informing us?

Several Obvious Reasons

     Much of our information is deemed classified (i.e., available to only a select few) by clandestine offices.

     Hard censorship has quite recently found its way into sphere we never dreamed possible.

     A military-police state seems to work best for its controllers if the citizens are dumbed down, isolated, and excluded--quite totally.

Isolation?  Yes!

     Please believe that both my wife, as well as myself, have endured (barely, for more than fifty years!) a program of organized "gang" stalking and targeting that uses torture tactics, including isolation, that the average citizen has little to no knowledge about.  It is a program some see as more sinister than the MK Ultra and COINTELPRO programs which were supposedly outlawed byCongress in the seventies.  This newer programdepends onISOLATION and DIVISION in a most powerful form, and predictions have forecast that eventually most of society will suffer its dividing and isolating tactics in lockdown scenarios.

     As we view or read the newscasts now proliferating on our phones and laptops, information is lumped into red vs blue, liberal vs neo-con, Christian vs. whoever, masked vs barefaced, rural vs. urban, racist vs. woke, young vs. old.  Where will it end?  Humans vs . . .?  Careful . . . things are fluxing badly . . . .  We are dangerously close to the edge and total exclusion!!!

     ​We may feel as if we are alone--lone individuals being beseiged by Bolshevik, Nazi, MK Ultra, etc. forces of evil.  But, with the strength of a few millions . . . or even just thousands . . . perhaps we could work together, march together, sing together as others have done to bring about  a lasting positive change in our society.  Is that too much to ask?