by Dr. Corkin Cherubini,

Whistleblower, Now Ti

One More Whisper:  Please Wake UP!

     In 1994-95, Dr. Corkin Cherubini told much of the world media (New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, "60 Minutes," "Good Morning America," Atlanta Constitution, etc.) about illegal segregation still present in the United States.  Little did he know how dangerous such whistleblowing would become. 

     As a result, Dr. Cherubini experienced continual threats, isolation, work place mobbing, vandalism, stalking and surveillance, and evil tricks that culminated in a near house fire in 1996.  In his previous quarter century in that same area, Dr. Cherubini and his family had experienced little to NONE of such a nefarious, aggressive program.

     Subtle hints at the time suggested that Dr. Cherubini had disturbed a hornets' nest of residual "KKK" antipathy,  and he felt that was probably the case.  But by September of 2013, he realized how absurd to believe the "KKK" controlled law enforcement offices, emergency response vehicles, fire fighters, and other municipal entities, as well as a plethora of citizen stalkers from Florida to northern New England (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine).  Once the assault became increasingly overt, he knew that some covert entity far more powerful  and evil than the "KKK" had shattered his world of family, friends, and innocent acquaintances.  At that point he began to understand the danger almost two decades of covert tactics had posed for him and his family, none of whom had any idea what was really happening to them or why.

     By late November, after hours of perusing thousands of pages of literature--often in the form of testimony and documentation--he discovered that he is a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL (Ti) assaulted not by members of a "residual KKK," but  from  a government sponsored covert force with tentacles all over the world, but especially in America.

     KKK or Stasi-COINTELPRO type "Gang Stalking"?  The TACTICS and resultant ends may be practically the same, except that the new COINTELPRO type "Gang Stalking" appears to have a monstrously huge taxpayer supported budget, arsenals of the latest high tech weaponry, and iron-hand control of everything that moves in America and the world, according to Col. L. Fletcher Prouty in his book, The Secret Team.

     There are thousands of shocking (yet heroic) tragedies exposing Stasi/COINTELPRO type "Gang Stalking."  Dr. Cherubini's is just one of the many that has the power to expose the treachery lying beneath the surface of what we often assume to be an orderly, benign world.  He admits that his first book, Gang Stalking:  The Threat to Humanity, was written before he fully understood the roots or the ramifications of a program exponentially more powerful than its predecessors.  He reminds those still asleep, along with the ostriches and the sheep, that the most deadly tricks are invisible (covert).  Read, read, read.  Analyze.  Synthesize.  Then, take action--action which may be a poem, a volume, a speech, a documentary, a discussion point--whatever you do best, even if it is baking cookies for an anti-"gang stalking" meeting!  Your life and the life of every child in the world is worth your getting involved! 

     (One note:  sixty some doctors, not counting Dr. Rauni Kilde, have "died mysteriously."  Being a good model citizen does NOT seem to help anyone's chances.)